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Texas Bluebonnet filed and blue sky background in Muleshoe bend, Austin


In my practice I tend to utilize elements of solution-oriented, person-centered, psychodynamic, and cognitive therapies.

​The specific approach I use varies depending on the personality and needs of each client. In general, however, certain assumptions of human nature guide my thinking when I am working with clients. These include the belief that all people have the inherent tools and strengths to overcome their difficulties and lead more fulfilling lives. I also believe that while many of our problems are complicated, the solutions required by them can be small and simple in comparison. I believe that small changes in a person’s life can lead to big differences in the future. At the same time, I believe that there can be great value in achieving insight into our problems and gaining an understanding of why we do the things we do. The process of becoming more aware of our tendencies and problematic behaviors brings them more within our control.

​I respect the differences in people’s views about how their problems form and how change takes place. For some individuals, an exploration of past events and an understanding of how these events impact their current world view and daily lives are invaluable to their personal growth. For others, focusing on the here and now and exploring short-term solutions are more useful and pertinent to their particular problems. And still others may find that the way they think about and interpret events in their life, the beliefs and assumptions they hold, and the way they talk to themselves are the primary causes of their emotional issues. For these reasons, I try to be collaborative and tailor my approach to the goals of my clients and their beliefs about how problems are solved.

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